Affidavit of Free will

All you need to know about affidavit of free will

Affidavit of Freewill - Court Marriage Consultancy

An affidavit of free will is a very significant document in court marriage procedure. If you do not have any valid information about this document this article is all your need to know about the Affidavit of free will.

What is the Affidavit of Free will?

An affidavit of free will is a document that is used in court marriages. The document as the name implies is the proof of the girl’s free will for the court marriage. She has to sign this contract that determines the fact that she has married by her choice and on someone else’s pressure. Your lawyer will help you prepare this document and you just will have to sign it.

What Statements are included in the Affidavit of free will?

An affidavit of free will can be custom-made according to the court’s or your case’s requirements. However, there are some common clauses that your lawyer can add to your Affidavit of free will.

1. The girl has married by choice and no one has forced her to marry the boy.
2. There is no case of abduction or kidnapping from the boy’s side and the girl has left her home willingly.
3. The girl has left her home empty-handed without any cash or gold.
4. The girl is now married and wants to live with her husband.

These statements are not fixed; your lawyer can add some additional statements as well as per your wish.

why it is very important in Court Marriage

This document is very useful in court marriages as the girl’s family can accuse the boy of kidnapping and forced marriage. To avoid such allegations this document is the Statement from the girl to convince the court that there is no such thing and she has done this by her own choice.

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