Khula by wife

Khula is the separation of the wife from the husband. For khula women have to file a case against the husband in the family district court which is called dissolution of marriage by way of khula with the help of Talaq Divorce Khula Lawyers in Karachi and family consultants. If a woman does not want to live with her husband she can go through with khula. She have to tell the honorable family court that she believes she can’t live more together with her hubby within the bounds revealed by Allah, and that such a statement made under oath in the court would suffice to support her case. court will pass judgment/order after all proceedings/trial and grant khula to plaintiff/wife.

Talaq/Divorce by Husband

Talaq is shari separation between muslims spouses as per Islamic sharia, a talaq is used to end a marriage relation between muslim couple. It is important that Talaq is a right granted by a Husband, and a Wife can only use it. if it is granted to her in Nikkahnama which is (Marriage Contract). Clause no 18 in nakah define who have right to divorce husband or wife. If the Husband gives Talaq to his wife, he must also provide Wife Haq Meher, whereas if the Wife exercises her right to Talaq which is khula in islam, she must also forfeit her right to Haq Meher. It is very important for our clients to know that shai and sunni have different laws about talaq. Sunni law mostly donot requires divorce witnesses and allows a husband to end a relationship of marriage by saying talaq 3 times verbally or in written form like divorce deed. Whereas shia laws are opposite they said that there must be witness for divorce. All must be at same place talaq must be given in front of elders to wife. Both are halaal way to give divorce to women in islam. It’s basically used to end a marriage contract under muslim jurisprudence laws. For more details, you can get in touch with our Talaq Divorce Khula Lawyers in Karachi.

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