Frequently Asked Questions!

Q 1: What is the exact total fee for a court marriage?

Ans: Court marriage is not a single-step process rather it has many important steps. So the total cost depends upon different factors including the lawyer’s fee, Nikah’s registration fee and fee for other court procedures and documentation.

Q 2: What are the documents that you require while you go for a Court marriage?

Ans: You do not have to get any additional documents for court marriage rather you just need simple documents including:

  • National identification card (both boy and girl should have it)
  • B form in case anyone of them does not have a CNIC
  • Passport sized photos
  • Proof of their ages, as girl’s age should be above 16 and boy should be above 18

Besides they must have two witnesses of their Nikah ceremony to validate the marriage.

Q 3: Where can one find the best court marriage consultation?

Ans: Usually, court marriage procedures need privacy and secrecy. Therefore, finding reliable court marriage consultants might become a difficult task. So, it’s better to find an online consultation firm and view all the options they have. However, if you are in search of the best Court marriage consultants you can contact us and get our reliable services.

Q 4: Is there any age limitation for court marriage?

Ans: Yes, for court marriage there is an age limit and one must be above the legal age for court marriage mentioned in the law. The girl should be above 16 and the boy must be above 18 to go for court marriage.

Q 5: Will police protect the couple in cases where the family starts threatening them?

Ans: In most cases, the bride’s family gives life threats to the new couple as they fail to accept the fact that their daughter has married against their will. So they will start threatening the couple but there is no need to fear. Your lawyer can request police protection for you and the Court will issue protection from your family as soon as possible.

Q 6: What is the affidavit of free will in the court marriage process?

Ans: The affidavit of free will is the most important part of the whole court marriage procedure, especially for the girl. Usually, the girl’s family accuses the boy and lodges FIR saying their daughter has been abducted and kidnapped by the boy. However, the girl can sign a document called an affidavit of free will to tell the court that she has not been forced by the boy or his family and she has done this on her own. In this way, the court can dismiss the family’s claim of abduction and forced marriage.

Q 7: What is 164 statement in court marriage?

Ans: The 164 statement is also a very important aspect of court marriage. The new couple has to record 164 statements in front of the magistrate in court. These are the statements where the couple announces that they have not been forced and married each other by their own choice. They have not taken anything from their homes and are now willing to start their lives as a husband and wife.

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