how can a woman protect her legal rights in court marriage

How can a Woman protect her Legal Rights in Court Marriage?

Mainly the Nikah Nama has many points for the security of the bride. In old times, women used to ignore them and just sign the paper. But, gone are the times when girls used to just sign the Nikah Nama without even reading it. Nowadays the youth, especially girls, are very well aware of their legal rights in court marriage. A woman needs to protect her rights, especially in cases of Court marriage. Because there are more chances of things going wrong in Court marriages as compared to arranged ones. Therefore We have listed a few important points that a woman can state in her Nikah nama to protect her rights in court marriage.

Mention a Handsome Dower in Nikah Nama

Dower is the amount that a husband has to pay his Wife in all circumstances. This amount is like a gift from husband to wife but the purpose of it is to provide financial stability to the wife. A high Dower can not be 100% predictive of a successful marriage. However, the girl can demand a handsome dower in case of court marriage so that she can somehow secure her legal rights.

Demand Monthly Expenses 

This is one of the most basic rights that every woman must have. Therefore, in case of court marriage, a woman should protect her rights by mentioning fixed monthly pocket money. In this way, she will not be dependent on anyone and will have her monthly share.

Secure Your Rights In Case Of 2nd Marriage or Divorce

2nd marriage is a very crucial time for a woman. However, in court marriage since the girl goes against her family so she would not have her family’s support in such cases. So it’s better to mention divorce or 2nd marriage conditions in Nikah Nama. A woman can ask for land or any other expensive property in case her husband marries someone else or divorce her. In this way, she won’t suffer in the future if the marriage falls apart.

To sum it up, a woman should analyze all her rights before court marriage. She should add all the above-mentioned points in her Nikah Nama to stay safer and to protect her legal rights in court marriage.

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