Court Marriage without Parents

How to do court marriage without parents?

In arranged marriages, parents are the ones having all the authority. They basically arrange and carry out the whole marriage process. But in case of disapproval from family, the girl and boy tend to go for court marriage. For court marriage, the couple does not have to get their parents’ approval as per the law. If both the boy and girl have reached the age of puberty then no one can stop them from marrying. Moreover, if they agree on marrying each other then they do not need the permission of anyone else, not even their parents.


How to marry in court without parents?

The only way to get married without your parents is through court marriage. Many people think that getting married in court means that the court will issue Nikah Nama. But this is not the case, the couple has to get their nikah nama from a nikah registrar. So the first step to getting married without your parents’ consent is to get your Nikah Nama by a nikah Registrar. If the parents do not agree, it’s not necessary to perform nikah in front of them, rather they only need 2 witnesses.


Documents required for Court Marriage

However, both the girl and boy must have the following documents with them if they want to get married without their parents.

  • CNIC of both girl and the boy/ b form of both in case they do not have a CNIC/ passport if anyone has
  • Passport-size photos of both girl and the boy
  • Divorce papers if anyone is divorced
  • Permission for 2nd marriage in case the groom is getting married for the 2nd time


Affidavit of free will:

One of the most important things in getting married without your parents is the Affidavit of Free will. This document holds a very crucial value for the girl if she leaves her parents for her husband. While registering for marriage in court she has to submit and sign the affidavit that states she is an adult and has every right to marry her choice. Moreover, the affidavit is proof that the girl has married her husband by her choice and she has not been forced into it. So if anyone wants to marry without their parents they must get this document as soon as possible.


Register your marriage in court:

Once you get your nikah Nama via the nikah registrar you have to register your marriage in court and law. You can hire a legal consultants for Court Marriage. The consultants will submit everything on your behalf and will also help you in submitting an Affidavit of free will. The girl and boy will give their statements in front of the magistrate that they have married by their choice and no one has been involved in forcing them. After recording the statements the court will be responsible for protecting their marriage even if they do not have their parents’ consent.

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