Register Court Marriage

How to Register Court Marriage in Karachi?

In Pakistan, court marriage is becoming more popular among youth due to exposure to social media and egoistic parents. Young couples get married secretly but they do not fully know the process of registering their court marriage. So if you are also trying to get an insight into the process of court marriage registration then let us tell you how things work while you register the court marriage.


Procedure of Court Marriage Registration

First, let us burst this myth that court marriage is no different than a simple arrange marriage. The process is the same, both marriages should have a nikah ceremony first. However, in the case of court marriage, the couple secretly does the Nikah without their parents, just in front of the Nikah registrar and witnesses. So the first step in any marriage is the Nikah.

The difference comes while the registration of this marriage in court. After the Nikah, the court marriage couple has to register their marriage in court. They can do this by hiring a reputable Nikah Consultants that can guide them efficiently about the whole procedure and requirements. The newly married couple can easily register their marriage in court by providing all the necessary documents including Nikah Nama. Plus, they will have to sign the affidavit and record important statements.


Documents Require for Court Marriage Registration:


There are a few documents that the court would want you to submit while registering your marriage including


  • Nikah Nama by the Nikah registrar
  • Pictures of both girl and the boy (passport-size pictures)
  • CNIC of the bride and groom and passport in case anyone is from a foreign country
  • The girl has to submit the Affidavit of free will
  • 2nd marriage permission, if it’s not the first marriage of the groom


In a nutshell, court marriage registration is the same as arranged marriage, you just have to record the statements and ensure your safety.

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