Multiple Marriages Law in Pakistan

Multiple Marriages Law in Pakistan

Multiple marriages for men are quite common in rural areas of Pakistan. In some homes, the wives stay together while some privileged families might arrange separate households for each wife. But, many people might not have full insight into the process of polygamy (multiple marriages). In Pakistan, it is allowed in law as well as in Islam. That means a man can take multiple women in his Nikah at a time. Let us see what Islam and law state about polygamy (multiple marriages).

Multiple Marriages For Men in Islam:

Islam allows polygamy and a man is allowed to marry 4 times at once and not more than that. In case his 4th wife dies or he divorces her he can marry again but is allowed to only keep four wives at a time. However, Islam puts certain conditions on men if he goes for polygamy. Firstly, he is only allowed if he is stable enough to afford the finances of multiple families. Secondly, he has to treat all wives equally in all aspects. Lastly, he has to provide for all the wives and has to look after them.

Multiple Marriages for Men in law:

According to the Muslim family law ordinance (1961), Pakistani men can marry multiple times. But legally he has to follow a few rules to get permission for another marriage. Mainly, if any man is married once and wants to marry again, he has to get his first wife’s permission. As per law, he has to provide his first wife’s permission in written form. Moreover, he has to register all his marriages as unregistered marriages will not be accepted. Plus, he has to mention his previous marriages in the Nikah Nama to avoid any future issues.

Hence if you have a Question that Are multiple marriages for men allowed or not? The Answer is Yes multiple marriages for men are allowed in Islam and law both, but you have to fulfill the requirements first.

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