Nikah Consultants in Karachi

Nikah Consultants in Karachi

If you are looking for legal help where you can easily do your nikah with the help of consultants in Karachi, so you have come to the right place. Nikah Consultants in Karachi has performed almost 200+ court marriages in Karachi, and we can provide you marriage consultants who will go over your legal matter and resolve it as quickly as possible. Because most clients hesitate to disclose personal problems to others, first we listen to our clients then we guide the best for them. it is preferable to hire our service and get legal advice at no cost to you. nowadays people don’t have time to host large wedding gatherings, so they choose a shorter, legal option, such as a court marriage or nikah by the family court.


In Pakistani society, there are so many rumors that court marriages are not Islamic. Essentially, judicial weddings are the same as marriages in families. there is no distinction. When you do hijab -o- qabool in front of a nikah khawan, a marriage witness, and your lawyer/Attorney, you are making an agreement in Islam for your marriage which is in written form on the paper of nikah (civil marriage contract) And nikah khawan or marriage registrar have to do Khutab-e-Nikah, Hijab-o-qabool, couple’s and witnesses’ signatures and also sunnah teaches that If your children are approaching marriage age, ask them who they want to marry first if they don’t have a choice, then parents should choose the best in families. Neither a civil nor a judicial marriage is possible until both parties agree on the nikah. And no one can marry anyone by force since it is a matter of individual rights.

there are many cases registered in district courts of Karachi for forcing women into marriage even though there are so many minor girls who are not legally able to marry they are being forced by families. forcing women for marriage is not Islamic nor is it a legal act Victims can file cases against their families or the court will provide them police protection. our Nikah consultants in Karachi help you in court marriage cases.

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