What are the benefits of court marriage

What are the Benefits of Court Marriage?

Court marriage is taboo in the Pakistani community but is becoming popular. The reason for this could be our media that promotes and glorifies court marriages. Whatever the case may be there are a lot of benefits that come with the court marriage. And, We have made a comprehensive list of a few main advantages of court marriage. If you have an urge of getting married via court you should at least read this list of pros first.

4 main advantages of Court marriage

Privacy for the couple

In arranged marriages, there is no Privacy whatsoever. You will have to get married in front of hundreds of guests and you would have to make them happy. However, if you opt to get married in court, you will get full privacy as a couple and will also be able to enjoy this very special moment of your life.

Economical in terms of expenses:

If you go for an Arranged marriage you will probably have to spend an arm or a leg for the festivities. Moreover, you will have to invite hundreds of people and will have to arrange everything for them. The three-day-long celebrations will also take a lot of energy and money as well. Court marriage on the other hand will only cost you your lawyer’s fee.

Free will while choosing a life partner

One of the main advantages of court marriage is the free will to choose whoever one wants to marry. However, in an arranged marriage, you have to get the approval of your parents as well as some close relatives.

It discourages social evils like dowry

Pakistani parents regard Court marriage as a Sin but it discourages social evils like dowry. Middle-class families have a lot of trouble finding suitable matches for their daughters. Therefore, court marriage can save them a lot of hassle and money as well.

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