Before 18 Marriage

What if a girl or a boy marries before 18?

Many young couples are choosing court marriage against the will of their parents in Pakistan. But it’s not like everyone can go for court marriage as there is a legal age set by the family court. Therefore, both boys and girls should first reach the legal age of marriage in Pakistan and then get married.

What is the legal age of marriage In Pakistan?

The legal age of marriage for boys and girls differs as girls are known to hit puberty faster than boys. So the marriage age for girls in Pakistan is 16 which means a girl who is above 16 can marry anyone she wants. However, the legal marriage age for boys in Pakistan is above 18 so they can marry a girl of their choice. In addition, if the court has doubts they can order a medical examination to determine the correct age.

How to prove in court that you have attained the legal age of getting married?

If you are going for a court marriage, you need to provide proof of your age. Because, those who are below the legal age, are not eligible to get married. In order to tell the court that you have reached the legal age, you will have to provide your b form or CNIC.

What will happen if a boy or girl marries before attaining the legal age set by the court?

Child marriage is not legal in Pakistan. If a Pakistani citizen marries before the legal age the court has the right to do action against them. If anyone forcefully marries before the age of 18 they can get in prison for more than 3 years and will also have to pay a fine of 50,000.

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