What should a couple do before court marriage

What should a couple do before court marriage?

Court marriage is one of the most crucial decisions in one’s life. If you ever go for a court marriage your life can take a 360-degree turn and it would not be the same as before. So before going for this step you should do a lot of research work and have to prepare beforehand.

Things A Couple Should Do Before Court Marriage

There are a few things that you should consider before court marriage procedure.

Try To Get Your Family’s Confidence

As hard as it may sound, before going for a court marriage try making your families understand that you two love each other. You can tell them that it’s your right to live with and marry the Partner of your choice.

Be Prepared For A Complicated Legal Journey

If you do not have a strong will power we recommend you do not go for this step. As for court marriage, you will have to go through nerve-wracking legal protocols. You may get life threats and have to get police protection. So you should be ready to face all the legal battles and threats beforehand.

Make Sure To Collect All The Important Documents

Before going for such a big task do make sure that you have all the required documents including
● Passport size photos (4)
● B form or CNIC of both
● Age verification

Moreover, you both should have attained the legal age for marriage in court. Because underage marriages are often not liable in courts.

Hire Expert Court Marriage Consultants

This is one of the most important aspects of any count marriage. You should search for a reputable court marriage consultant in your area and should consult him beforehand. He will guide you about the steps and process of judicial marriage. For this, you can contact the consultants listed on our website and book your slot now.

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