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Court marriage and divorce have always been taboo in our Pakistani community. Even if the acts are legal, our society renders them shameful acts. Which often results in more difficulties for couples who would like to go for either a divorce or a court marriage. But we as a legal firm have decided to protect the legal rights of every couple who decides to go for a divorce or even a court marriage. We believe and advocate the fact that every couple or person should have a right to decide his marital life’s fate. We as a team of skilled court marriage and divorce consultants will defend you on legal grounds and will make sure you get what you want as soon as possible.

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Nikah is a pure bond between two, people and there’s nothing better for two who love each other than marriage, and we firmly believe and respect this bond. Thus we provide you with the best family Consultants in Karachi Pakistan, who will facilitate and help you in this by easing the process and saving your precious time.


If you are taking a huge decision like court marriage then you should consult someone who has experience in dealing with such cases. Because with proper consultation you would know what steps to take and how to tackle complications. Our experienced court marriage consultants will guide you and aid you in getting married through court without any hassle.

From your Nikah to recording statements they will be responsible for everything. Moreover, if you face any legal complications or resistance from your families our court marriage consultants will make sure you get proper police protection. Many couples do not have an insight into the actual legal process of court marriage and they go for it. You might get in trouble if you do not get proper guidance and aid about the court marriage-related court formalities. Therefore, we recommend you get in touch with one of our court marriage consultants and get your court marriage dream come true.


Divorce is indeed a very sad and unfortunate event, but there are circumstances where the couple has to part ways. In such a sad scenario one might not know what to do or who to consult. It’s better to consult a reputable Divorce consultant to guide you in such an emotional and sad time. The consultant will be able to thoroughly guide you about the procedure and the options you have. Moreover, they will help you in getting all the Divorce related documents on time.

If you need a divorce deed or are looking for someone who can help you in exploring your legal divorce options then this is the right place for you. We have divorce consultants who will come up with a very convenient option available and will let you get separated in peace. Moreover, if you are a woman who wants a divorce then do not hesitate and call us now. Our team will refer you to the best possible option and with our help, you can easily get a divorce.


Constitution of Pakistan provides the right to liberty to choose someone to marry, also be informed that the word “Court Marriage” has not been explained in any Act/Ordinance, court marriages are solemnized with the help of a legal consultant and recognized by the court of law.


While marriage is one of the most beautiful and memorable experience of life it can be time consuming, quite difficult and frustrating too, and no one wants that, and we are here exactly for that.


ECONIMIC– It costs you nothing compared to traditional weddings, as you don’t have to pay for the place and food, and only these cost you 0.5 to 1 million PKR.

FAST– Court marriage doesn’t involves any tradition, rituals and ceremonies as compared to conventional weddings.

SOCIAL EVILS– Common social evils that are related to marriage are eliminated like forceful marriage, child marriage and dowry, because the court confirms that the couple has a free will, both of them are adults.


LENGTHY– It is a lengthy process but it still takes less time as compared to orthodox weddings.

DOCUMENTS– It requires many documentations for verification and legal purposes.


The procedure of court marriage is really simple you just have to fulfil the requirements of court marriage that are:
1– The age of both male and female should be 18 or above, as per law.
2– Consent of male and female should be free consent without any constrain or threat.

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1– The couple should have a reliable source of their identification i.e. NIC or Passport (Preferred) and if they don’t have an NIC or Passport they can also show their Matriculation or Form “B”.
2– If one of them is a foreigner then Passport must be provided.
3– There must be two (adult male) marriage witnesses present at the time of marriage.
4– The bride and groom should provide 6 passport size copies each.
5– Free will affidavit from the Bride’s side will be required.
6– In case of second marriage by the Bride, Original Divorce certificate or Death certificate is required of the deceased partner.
7– In case of second marriage of the Groom, the permission of first wife is required. If the groom does not have the permission the first wife can file a case against her husband, so it is preferred that the groom should have a permission/NOC letter of first wife.

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1– Marriage Certificate
2– Attested copy of petition.
3– Attested copy of affidavit.
4– Copies of Divorce papers or Khula Decree required.
5– Attested copy statement before the court.

Attested court orders for legal safety of the married couple.

NADRA Marriage Certificate - Court Marriage Consultancy
NADRA Marriage Certificate


1– We give the best services all over Karachi.
2– We provide really experienced and professional family consultants in Karachi.
3– We keep everything private and never disclose our client’s data.
4– We save your precious time.
5– Because our consultants are experienced you don’t have to worry about the documentations, they’ll take care of that.

So, have you made up your mind already? If yes, do let us know as we will be really happy to be part of this beautiful experience.

Court Marriage Consultants are here for you always, you can contact us on Whatsapp or Live Chat.


In sensitive matters like court marriage or divorce what most people do not have is a lot of time. Things need to be done or fixed as early as possible. Therefore, your legal consultant or Advocate must make the entire process easier and quicker for you. The consultants at our firm have a reputation for making their clients’ divorces or court marriage processes easier and faster.

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